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Lion Don Ward Legacy Scholarship

The Foothills Lions Club has established the Lion Don Ward Legacy Scholarship
Fund. The fund invites members of the Foothills Lion Club and their immediate
families to apply to the fund and who also meet the Scholarship criteria
described below.
The board of the Lion Don Ward Legacy Scholarship fund will award a
scholarship of a value of $2000.00, provided by the Foothills Lions Club, to the
applicant who meets the Legacy Scholarship criteria.
There will potentially be five (5) Legacy scholarships, of Two Thousand dollars
(Canadian), awarded in any calendar year.

Scholarship Criteria: 

The Lion Don Ward Legacy Scholarship will be award to students who:
- Live in Alberta
- Have or will have graduated from Grade 12 at the time of presentation
and have acceptance at a post secondary institution of one or more years
of study leading to a certificate or degree.
- Have not reached their 20th birthday at time of application.
- Those who have received the Lion Don Ward Legacy Scholarship in the
past will not qualify for future grants from the Lion Don Ward Legacy
Scholarship fund.

- Demonstrate a commitment to humanitarian causes and exhibit Lion’s
service-oriented philosophy by actively volunteering in their

Submit the following items to the Foothills Lions Club:

- A transcript of most recent marks from the educational institution last
- Confirmation of acceptance (e.g., tuition receipt), the name of the post
secondary institution and the specific field, school, or faculty into which
they are enrolling.
- Letters of reference (maximum of four) with a detailed summary of their
character; leadership roles within the school, involvement in extra-
curricular activities at school; involvement in organizations in the
community at large; work experiences and special interests/hobbies.
- One-page self-written letter expressing why they should receive the

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